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““Full of energy, displaying a rather dynamic sound with intelligent, self-assured lyrics and brash guitar riffs” - MixItAllUp


“Anthems which are full of attitude and longevity” - Unique Lullaby

"A sound similar to lightening" - Adam Walton BBC Radio Wales


This band are called Himalayas, they’re from Cardiff. If you’re feeling in any way shape or form a little bit sleepy, lackadaisical this is gonna shake your shackles and wake you up. It’s absolutely brilliant. ‘Thank God I’m Not You’ is what it’s called. They are Mike, Joe, Louis and James and I really like what they do, it’s really loud, it’s raucous, it’s proper rock and roll. They’re called Himalayas. I think they’re awesome.” - Edith Bowman


'THANK GOD I'M NOT YOU' hits over 6  Million Streams 

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